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Advantages of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), as the name implies is an evaluation system aimed to assess in totality (among other things), the learners’ progress in any academic set-up. The term also implies that this evaluation system is not conducted over intervals of time but is an unbroken chain of assessments. It is comprehensive in the sense that all areas of a learner’s development are taken into account while making an assessment.

Traditionally, assessments comprised of exams held at the end of fixed periods of time, with the objective to measure the achievement of the learners at a particular level. The learner was marked and graded according to their performance in the ‘end of a term/year’ examination. The assessment based upon such a testing practice proved to be limiting, especially while testing progress in a language. All that the traditional test report provided was the success scale of the learners. It was not seen as a diagnostic report of the learner, but was a display of the outcome of his learning during the academic period.

CCE does away with these limitations. It ensures that that there is a constant appraisal of all the elements involved in teaching. The taught and the teacher, the content and the methodology, the learning behaviour and attitudes are all assessed concurrently and continuously. The teacher has the time and the opportunity to help the learner evolve better. The causes of the fall in the level of the learners can be easily revealed and catered to at the right time, usually during the process of the on-going class.

Since it is seen as a part and parcel of learning, CCE is seen by the learners and the teachers as having more meaning and of being part of the curriculum. The strengths and weaknesses of the learners are revealed more frequently than they are through the traditional evaluation system. This enhances the opportunity for the learners to improve themselves. It also allows frequent and on-going feedback to the teacher, who can decide upon appropriate remedies and intervention to cater to the challenges immediately.

CCE positively affects all areas of a learner’s academic journey. Its impact upon their language learning and acquisition is also profound. A constant and continuous feedback on his language learning skills helps the learner and the teacher, both. To facilitate this and to add value to the formative assessments by the teacher in the on-going class, a digital language lab can be of immense use. This will help provide relevant and accurate feedback on a learner’s performance during their language sessions.

Words Worth English language lab is a digital language lab with a good reporting system that supplies reports and feedback about a learner’s performance during his practice sessions. This facilitates teachers with real information about the individual learner’s or the group’s challenges faced during practice time. The teacher collating data gleaned from the report of this Digital English Language Lab, with her own information generated during an on-going class is able to address these challenges more effectively. The reports thus assist the CCE system to the extent that they make the English teaching and learning process more meaningful.