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English Language Labs and their Positive Impact on Learning the Language

Academics has always been seen as the gateway to good career opportunities and professional growth. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects are invariably the more sought after for the same reason, with a lot of emphasis being laid on these subjects by schools, teachers, students and the parents themselves. The scenario is gradually changing now with the importance of language and other humanities subjects being recognised by the academicians and the industry at large.

English as a skill has been identified as the hallmark of personal and professional success and this realisation has brought its teaching to the fore. The result being, STEM is giving way to the new acronym STEEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, English and Mathematics. Much has been written and discussed about the importance of English as a skill. The tremendous impetus it has on steering the career path and crafting the career growth of the candidate, has urged many upcoming and progressive institutes to give teaching of English as a skill its due importance.

English, an important component of the STEEM subjects, when seen beyond being just a subject and with the focus being brought more to its aspect as an important skill that a candidate must possess invariably has come to be imparted differently, now. The primary objective of a language, communication skills has become the basic teaching objective too. It is now the prerogative of the institutes to ensure that the learners go beyond the learning of reading and writing, and enhance their listening and speaking skills. Their proficiency in listening and speaking is after all a game changer as far as the success of a candidate is concerned.

A conscious teaching of English as a skill is thus the need of the day. A curriculum catering to all the language learning skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing needs to be available to the learners, focusing more on enhancing their communication skills. The advantages of technology in language teaching when leveraged for this purpose make the teaching-learning experience more effective.

Good English Language Labs are able to meet all the necessary parameters to effective language learning. While acting as catalysts, they bring about tremendous yet positive changes in the learners. The self-paced learning and secure environment provided to learning English by such labs lets the learners acquire the language at a better pace than they otherwise would.

At Words Worth English Language Lab, we feel that, the use of the blended methodology for the execution of lessons using language labs adds value to the teaching experience. Our experience as the creators of this lab is that the human touch brought in through the involvement of the teacher in the class while making use of technology makes a phenomenal difference in the learning of the language. Various aspects of pronunciation, like rate of speech, intonation and voice modulation can be mastered well using technology in teaching English. The inhibitions shed by the learners while working at the individual level in the lab paves way or his learning the language faster, while interactive activities in the class with the teacher and peer, allow them to practise and learn in near real life conditions.

With Words Worth English Language Lab running in more than 3000 schools and colleges in the country, and with over a million users accessing it annually, the success rate of the implementation of English labs can be gauged. Added to this is the attraction that this lab can run on both Thin and Thick clients, using either Windows or Linux OS. This cost effective installation makes great economic sense to the institutes.

That language labs and technology have a positive impact on teaching-learning experiences can be safely acknowledged. Many of our user institutes have acknowledged the benefits accrued from the use of our language lab. They have felt that the change in the English language skills of their students is palpable and the positive difference becomes evident over a period of time. The modern learner when allowed this facility does surely benefit and adds value to his skill base and future employability.