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Is teaching grammar to ESL (English as a Second Language) learners important?

Teaching formal grammar helps in making such learners aware about the structures and patterns in the target language. This awareness enables them to pay attention to the form and structure of the target language and notice their own speech patterns that have been internalized in the said language. This exposure to ‘formal grammar’ teaching - it is hoped will help them rectify such errors.

Not only is grammar teaching helpful to language learners learning through the above mentioned natural method, but it also has a positive impact on learners learning a language formally. The do’s and don’ts of the language become apparent to the learner and he/she is able to apply them in real life communication.

Non-supporters of grammar teaching argue that grammar adds to the register of the learner of the language, which may inhibit the learning and acquisition of the language. But, this is a challenge only for the initial years. This risk of a heightened register (grammar jargon and rules) for the new learner diminishes over time, with the learner adapting the new learning into his day-to-day parlance.

Teaching of grammar to learners is surely helpful, whether it be as functional grammar or as traditional grammar. Yet, it can’t be denied that making grammar teaching interesting helps both the learners and the teacher. The traditional manner of teaching grammar if assisted with an audio-visual tool helps meet grammar rules more effectively. The attitude associate with grammar learning also changes positively, making this aspect of language learning fun and informative.

Words Worth English Language Lab, is a digital English lab fully equipped to meet this parameter of language teaching. This digital English lab caters to grammar teaching using an audio-visual teaching material with ample scope for self-practise. This proves to be a huge breather for both the learners and teachers where on one hand grammar teaching cannot be done away with totally, and on the other the ‘boring’ image associated with grammar makes its teaching-learning experience dull.

The user friendly appeal and interesting teaching sessions of this digital English lab make learning grammar fun.