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Recording the Learners’ Performance During ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening) Tests

Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) is a test formulated by CBSE with an aim to improve and standardize the listening and speaking skills of learners of English. This test is conducted for the learners in schools that are affiliated to this board.

Testing of speaking and listening is ideally an ongoing process, wherein the teacher checks the progress through Formative assessments. Yet, to measure the progress of the learners in these skills, the ASL tests are conducted for Classes 8 to 11 at the end of the academic year in the form of Summative assessments.

At the end of the academic year an objective written test is used to test the listening skills while the speaking part of the assessment is an oral exam that is recorded and stored of evidence of tests taken. CBSE has made the recording of the learners’ oral performance mandatory and it may ask the school for them as evidence of assessment.

The teachers do not face much problem in conducting the listening skill test. The speaking skill test on the other hand poses undue hassles for the examiner in question. The examiner has to record the speaking test and send to the CBSE board. This recording session can become very complicated for the examiner, especially if he/she is technically challenged. Added to this is the problem of procuring recording gadgets and saving the recordings on a computer to be converted into suitable audio format before sending them to the said board.

Words Worth English language lab, a digital language lab for English language development is one of the best language labs in the country. This digital language lab has the facility to record and save audio files integrated in the software itself. The ASL recordings can be made and saved by the examiner effortlessly and without any need of technical know how or assistance. This removes the tediousness from the recording exercise otherwise unavoidable. The examiner does not need to procure any external recording gadgets for recording the speaking test, nor does h/she need to make the effort of transferring and saving them at a particular location.

This feature of the Words Worth English language lab proved to be a ‘lifesaver’ of many an examiner in the past ASL tests. The ASL teaching content and testing facility in this digital language lab made teaching and testing the listening and speaking skills easy and convenient. Ready to use teaching and practice content and examiner friendly and convenient to use recording tool has already been welcomed by ASL teachers and examiners across the country.