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Teaching of LSRW for Enhancing Communication Skills

Communication skills have a great impact on the success of an individual. A person’s ability to stand apart in a crowd is more often than not determined by his/her communication skills, even so more with his/her proficiency in English language. Be it career or relationships, the harsh truth in today’s global scene is that the future of any person is affected strongly by his communication skill in English.

The four major skills of language learning, listening, speaking, reading and writing provide the right key to success.

Teaching of English language while ensuring focus on all these four skills provides a platform for the learners to hone their proficiency in this language well. An ideal programme for teaching-learning of English as a second language would involve content for all the above mentioned four skills. Yet, it is observed that somehow the reading and writing skills are given more importance over the other two skills.

Ideally, listening and speaking should take prominence over reading and writing when any language is being learnt. The benefits of naturally acquiring language can be enhanced phenomenally when the opportunity to listen to and speak in the target language is accelerated.

Content designed specifically for providing ample teaching material is important for this purpose. Digital language learning labs with audio based content allow the learners to listen to authentic and appropriate sounds of the target language, in this case English. This helps them with listening to the right pronunciation of words and with ample access to audio based passages and articles.

This intensive listening ultimately helps the learners to pick up the exact pronunciation of words. Listening to a lot of audio based articles also allows the learners to understand the spoken language even when the pace of speech, accent or tone varies. This proves beneficial for them in the real world, where the control over such factors is minimal.

Good digital language labs like the Words Worth English language lab, also allow the learners with practice on intonation and voice modulation, vital to good communication skills.

These and other paralinguistic attributes like voice quality, volume and tone, articulation and pronunciation, offered by digital language labs enable the learners to improve their speaking skills and thus express fluently in English.

Reading and writing are skills normally addressed amply in a regular and an average classroom scenario. Yet, when taught with a teaching-learning emphasis on inferring the meaning of the context, it actually coaches the learners to deduce meaning of any unseen text they may face in future whether it be in audio or in the written form. Skimming texts and reading and understanding of textual materials could be introduced in the classroom to acquire effective reading skills.

Writing skills may be improved through giving exercises on composition and creative writing. Learners should be encouraged to arrange their thoughts on a giving topic or composition. The importance of sequencing their thought groups should be shown to them to bring cohesiveness and coherence in their writing.

With these four skills addressed equally while learning English, the learners can be assured of having good communication skills, a very great necessity in today’s competitive world.