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Value of English Language Skills and Personal Appearance for Professional Success

Success in the professional world depends upon a number of factors. Confidence, appearance, language skills and attitude are just a few such attributes to mention. The personality of an individual is defined by these success determining factors. Some of these have been recognised and addressed to a reasonable degree, both by professional institutes and by candidates themselves.

English as a language has been seen to open gates of success both professionally and socially. Due importance in imparting English language skill, in the youth has been given over the past few decades. In fact, the English communication skill is seen at par in value as technical or professional knowledge. Working professional and candidates at the threshold of their career are expected to excel in both.

Yet another attribute that is quite important is the personal and hygienic appearance of the candidates. Though this is not seen as a significant determiner, its importance in the professional world cannot be undermined. Sloppy looks and unhygienic appearance can be detrimental to a candidate’s professional growth. Personal and working equations with ones colleagues can be affected due to this one important parameter.

Neat and clean looks add value to an individual in many ways. They not only boost the confidence of the candidate, but also give others the impression of him/her being a professional individual. People like to work with such individuals as they are perceived as organised and serious about their jobs and lives. They emit an aura of being committed and serious about their work, thus helping them appear dependable and trustworthy.

Added to a hygienic appearance to gain a professional look is the need to comply with the grooming norms of one’s industry and social culture. Some of these norms are explicitly defined and others are assumed to be understood by a working professional.

Fortunately, these attributes in a candidate’s personality can be acquired. Language skills can be learnt or enhanced. The candidate can also learn and adapt the accepted norms and grooming etiquette in his/her industry.

Words Worth English Language Lab, a digital language lab provides teaching-learning content for enhancing English language skills. This digital language lab has a special version catering to the needs of adult-learners. This version has an extensive content, describing the do’s and don’ts of professional grooming. The learners can take advantage of an understanding of what a professional look means and the effect it can have over a their career, thereby enhancing this significant aspect to their personality.

It is said that bagging a job is easier than retaining it. Good English language skills and an appealing personality go a long way (in addition to the right technical credentials), to make or mar one’s career growth. Many a career has been truncated due to these seemingly unimportant attributes in a candidate.