English Language Lab

Enterprise Edition


Words Worth Language Lab introduces its Enterprise Edition. This edition of Words Worth Language Lab is designed such that the learner can take the language learning process form the institution to home for further practice.

The ILT session having been attended in class at the institution, the Words Worth Enterprise Edition provides the learners with access to the CBT content from the comforts of their homes. In addition, specially designed WBT (Web based Training) content is provided to the learners at home. The learners are provided web access using their unique login IDs. All work at the institution and the web is continually in sync and learning outcome and reports are available to both the teacher and learners. This aspect of the Enterprise Edition brings in a lot of flexibility in terms of timings, practice levels and in some cases, parental supervision.

The Benefits

  • Marginal resource and budget allocation on part of the school
  • Need of infrastructure and human resource limited just for ILT Sessions
  • Learners provided with a lot of additional practice material in the form of eBooks & audio books
  • Provision of creating and recording one's own stories and articles into the software by the learners
  • Teachers get access to work done from home
  • A win-win situation for both school and learners
  • Learners able to practice at leisure without time constraints
  • Parental support can be leveraged if needed