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This Document

This document has been compiled and published to provide respite to concerns and inspire user trust covering Words Worth ELT (also referred to as 'our', 'we', 'us' in the remainder of the document) products and services, information, learning content, learner activity, assessments and feedback, maintain institution (site subscription) accounts for its admin, trainers, learners and guardians, providing access to online resources for online and site subscription consumption through our assortment of device web based and mobile applications.

Privacy Policy

What is personal information?

'Personal Information' means information which uniquely identifies, contact, or locate an entity (individual or institution) through credentials like name, contact email address, contact phone for the purpose of fulfillment of services and support. Any information that falls outside of this is 'non-personal information'. Any non-personal information submitted to us combined shall be considered as personal information until removed from the data set stored with us. The personal information provided to us by you directly shall be used by us as per your permissions. Institutions using our site subscription may provide the minimum personal information of its members to adequately administer the activities and progress of its members.

Personal information or codes leading to such personal information including contacts and identity profiles obtained through third party authentication systems and/or device permissions granted for use of sensors, resources and functionality shall also be treated as personal information and bear the same set of privacy.

Transfer of data, storage and data services

User data is handled securely including the transmission between devices and applications using necessary crypto protocols as necessary. Words Worth applications and apps hosted of various platform stores for distribution to clients inherently only requests authentication of identity for the use of its e-learning activities and feedback.

Our commitment

Your personal information shall be protected through physical, business and technical security measures. Security breach if any shall be conveyed to you for necessary action. The data shall be maintained until needed else shall be destroyed unless necessary by law. The data entrusted to us will not be shared, sold or used for any other purpose other than to purpose it was sought for and limited to providing access, support, service, feedback, important policy and feature notices.

Fulfillment of Legal requests

Information required to fulfill the request of a valid legal order, to the extent of information held by us shall be released in good faith to the concerned authority. The policy does not intend to limit any legal defenses or objection that you may have with the authority requesting such disclosure.


By using our application(s), you consent to the Words Worth's Privacy Policy and submitting your Personal Information for the purpose indicated above without forewarning. You must limit the information shared to such extent as required for utilizing the benefits of our application and services. We shall not be responsible for any curtailed functionality for lack of permissions.

Terms of use

The Words Worth applications are offered to primarily server its clientele with support and services on condition that the same are used strictly for the purpose and the user explicitly promise not to use the applications for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms, or any other purpose not reasonably intended by Wordsworth.

Words Worth ELT reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, limit, or discontinue and aspect, content or feature of its application, as well as any aspect of pertaining to the use of the application.